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Mission Statement

Alana's Kitchenology mission is to help elevate your favorite dishes from ordinary to lip smacking scrumptiousness while keeping you Healthy with our Salt Free or Low Salt Seasoning Blends. Our salt free and low salt blends allow you, the customer, to be in full control of your salt intake

The Benefits

Alana's Kitchenology seasoning blends not only uses high quality herbs and spices, they are also Organic, Non GMO, Kosher, Gluten Free and are also free of artificial fillers and additives. The saying: You Are What You Eat, is a true statement. Growing up, my Nana always said, "when it comes to what you eat, money should never matter, pay the price for the food because it is going in your stomach". I didn't quite understand what she meant when I was younger, but as an adult I totally get it. When we consume quality foods into our digestive system such as herbs and spices it not only makes our food taste better, but it also assists in boosting our immune system. We are literally practicing self care from the inside out. Feed your body what it needs to stay healthy and not what it craves to feel good! 

The ReasoFor It All

Alana's Kitchenology Seasoning Blends was created to help my daughter Tiavión cook with ease. I wanted to help her find some joy in the kitchen and get over her fear of cooking. My objective was, create seasoning blends that will assist her in taking the guess work out of choosing which seasonings work best with each of her food choices. I wanted my daughter to be confident with the gift of being able to not only cook but to also know she will produce a scrumptious meal with ease every time. 

The Promise

Alana's Kitchenology uses the finest quality of herbs and spices to create the seasoning blends you'll love. All of our seasoning blends are blended by my team and I in a top quality, sterile commercial kitchen. You can trust all blends are mixed in a sterile environment, bottled, packaged and shipped with the highest quality of care. 

Alana's Kitchenology wants to make your cooking experience simple and enjoyable while helping you stay healthy